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About Tammy Trayer

Well… I love life, my cup is overflowing and I am always up for a challenge.  Traditional values mean a lot to me and I incorporate those values into my family life as well as my business.  My clients are very valuable to me and I refer to them by name, not a number.   I believe in honesty, good ethics and enjoy the good nature of people.  I view life as an opportunity and enjoy meeting the people put in my path.  I wish to live life as though there is no tomorrow, leaving no stone unturned and I look forward to experiencing everything.  I enjoy helping others to succeed and sharing my knowledge with others.  My husband & my children are the most valued treasure on this earth and I enjoy showing them and allowing them to experience everything good this world has to offer.  I grew up loving the outdoors and as I get older I find myself more and more at peace when I am out enjoying God’s country.   Life is a crazy place for us all, but if you can find brief moments here and there to enjoy what is in front of you, it makes everything worth while and a lot more enjoyable!


I treasure my life, the people in it and I a passionate about what I do…